December 2017

December 29, 2017

During the bridal show, make sure you interact with all of the wedding professionals at the vendor booths. Simply picking up materials from their booths isn’t enough! Talk to these professionals and see if they are someone with whom you would be comfortable working with. When selecting your photographers and disc jockeys, make sure you meet and approve the actual professionals that will be sent to your wedding.

You need to remember that some of the vendors will be present throughout your entire wedding day, so it’s important that they are people that you could trust to help your wedding day run smoothly and that you feel you can connect with.

December 22, 2017

While your main purpose at the bridal show is to meet the vendors, don’t ignore the other brides-to-be there! Take some time to strike up conversations with some brides that are looking at similar booths or seem to have similar tastes to yours.

Swap stories, express concerns or questions, and talk about vendors you have seen at the show so far. Who knows, you might make friends with another couple preparing for their big day!

Getting to know other brides might help to ease the wedding planning nerves. You’re not alone! And you’re not alone as you plan your big day either. That’s why we are here! Let our experienced wedding professionals guide you and help to lighten your load as you enjoy this season in your life.

December 15, 2017

Before you step foot outside of your house to head to a bridal show, make sure you and your fiance and family (if applicable) have agreed on a budget for the wedding. After you have a budget established, bring your checkbook along to the show.

Many vendors at the show will offer you discounts for reserving their products/services at the show. However, although they are offering great discounts, do not feel pressured to agree right away. If you do not feel 100% positive that this is the vendor for you, take some time to consider your options. Ask the vendor if their discounts will be continued after the bridal show. You would be surprised how many will agree to hold the discount for one week to one month afterwards.

How much money your wedding is demanding of you might seem daunting, but remember, hunting for discounts and sticking to what your top wedding day “must haves” are is important. Your wedding day only happens once and most vendors realize that! So take the time and do the research when meeting with them at bridal shows and it will pay off!

December 8, 2017

Sometimes a bride can have too much style! Multiple themes might make complete sense in your home, but when it comes to your wedding, tread lightly. Ask your friends and family for their honest opinions on whether you have too many ideas converging in one place. Start by eliminating anything that distracts from your overall style or that adds little value to your day. If you’re really stuck, your planner will be more than happy to help you identify what should go.

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December 2, 2017

Try a rustic farm-themed photo shoot!

I love the contrast of the countryside with the formal attire of a wedding party. Pose among the green cornstalks in the Summer and walk deep into a cut cornfield for a stunning panoramic shot in the Fall. Try a photo in front of a covered bridge or inside of a rustic old barn filled with hay bales. But make sure you mention any photo shoot plans in advance so your photographer and planner can fit it into the timeline for the day. There are an abundance of rolling hills and farms in the bucolic countrysides of Lancaster County, PA so you have many scenic options to choose from and your local wedding professionals will be able to recommend locations that will work for you! 

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